WolfHouse Surfhouse

For the design of this website I thought it would be a good idea to go directly to the Wolfhouse as a guest to get some of the surf vibes and see with my eyes who and what I was designing for. It turned out well, with a big group of friends that look like a family, and were happy to have me as a In-house Designer for a couple weeks. The website is fully responsive and multi language, thanks to the help of guys from many different countries we translated all the content to make it readable from basically everyone in the world. Go surf!

From “The Story”:

There was a time when two young wolves named Wolfandro and Lupilla, both with a huge passion for freedom and nature, at some point in their lives were fed up with the problematic situation of their country, the city, smog, society in doldrums for years, and decided to drop everything embarking on a journey to find an enchanted place where to base the Wolfhouse! A friend’s house, where they could all live in peace, in contact with nature and without stress… continue reading

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